Winners of the 2017/2018 Kitchen Litho competition

Émile Aizier’s Kitchen Print Workshop is organizing the “Kitchen Print Biennial” in collaboration with print professionals who are jury members for the competition.

The winners of the previous exhibition were :

Miran Šabić (Croatia), awarded 1st prize by the jury

Miran Sabic is a Croatian artist. He holds a master’s degree in engraving and a doctorate in painting. He is assistant professor in the Engraving Department of the Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb.

In his work, he uses ancient engraving and drawing techniques in correlation with video art and photography to create contemporary artworks.

“In a series of lithographs and drawings: “Self-portraits – Memories of Grandfather”, I use metonymy to connect my grandfather to my memories. I also express the sadness of the loss of a loved one that I grew up with. A series of works set the scene of his life and our precious memories. Through the details of his life and the objects he used, I find links and discover the impact of these objects on my own life. Like his leather doctor’s bag, his playing cards and his chess set, which he gave me. Through visual art, I explore and connect with my own character, physical appearance and habits … I show how people’s actions and later their memory define people.

Rafael Barbabosa Arguelles (Mexico), awarded 2nd prize by the jury

Rafael was born in Mexico in 1960. He studied graphic design at the Faculty of Arts and Design at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

In his personal work, he explores the human soul with its strange, innocent, absurd overtones …

Currently, in addition to his work as an illustrator and artist, he teaches in the School of Design at the National Institute of Fine Arts.

“The theme of madness recurs in my work. These two women are friends, they love each other but they are both crazy Each of them thinks it’s the other who’s mad. It’s a story from daily life …”

Olivier Musseau (France), awarded 3rd prize by the jury

Born in Nantes (France) in 1962, Olivier Musseau began artistic practice later in life, firstly with engraving (for 10 years) then sculpture.

He occasionally practices kitchen lithography, which he learned from Emilie Aizier, particularly for experimental purposes.

“Inspired by a recent exhibition of modern Japanese prints, this Five-Color Kitchen Lithograph features a “Koi” carp, which is a symbol of happiness in Japan. It is said that it swims up the rivers to become a dragon. For some aluminum foil, I used oil pastels that give a strong line with grain. For printing, I chose a Japanese paper.”

Mathilde Soussi (France), the public’s choice

Mathilde Soussi is a computer graphics artist who first studied architecture before completing a degree in Art and Image Technology. Born in 1974, she lives and works in Antony, in the Paris region.

” The evocation of the nature and rhythm of the earth are themes that are dear to me in my artistic work. The arrival of winter, the cold and the lack of light invite us to withdraw, to keep warm and to shelter … Comfortably asleep, soothed … Until the first light of spring. “

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