The menu for the gourmet Epicure Dinner

The menu for the gourmet Epicure Dinner, or how Art can be mouth-watering…

Every year, the disciples of Escoffier Paris get together for the Epicure Dinner. It took place this year at Chez Castel, on rue Princesse in Paris, orchestrated by the two-star Michelin Chef, Akrame.

For this special occasion, Gérard Guy, Castali Création designed a menu using Velin d’ARCHES® paper, printed in only 80 numbered and signed copies. A genuine work of art, some of the drawings are highlighted using ink, water colour, graphite and charcoal. The cover is a swath of colour, embellished with gold leaf.

Arches - Antalis logo  ARCHES®, through its distributor Antalis, is a partner to this event.

In 2014, Castali Création released a video showing all the work performed using the Velin d’ARCHES® paper: