The ARCHES® signature

Authentic qualities

By using paper signed with the ARCHES® watermark, artists can be sure that they have a medium with unchanging properties at their disposal, a medium that has revealed some of the greatest talents over centuries... Qualities bestowed on the paper by the raw materials (100% natural fibres such as cotton) and a traditional papermaking technique on a cylinder mould.

Strict production controls

ARCHES® carries out, throughout every production run, a succession of checks and inspections: mechanical, optical, chemical, visual… This multitude of tests, some of which are specific to ARCHES®, guarantees optimum quality for every user. The ARCHES® watermark is a true seal of guarantee.

A seal of origin

ARCHES® paper originated and continues to be made in the Vosges, the natural cradle of the French papermaking industry, a region rich in pure water, an indispensable resource for making this prestigious paper.