The brand


1492, a historic year, memorable for two special events: the discovery of America by Christopher Colombus and the founding of the ARCHES® paper mill, which has endured through the centuries, to the pleasure and satisfaction of numerous renowned artists, art publishers and printers who have remained attached to its outstanding qualities. Read more

The ARCHES® signature

In its papermaking, ARCHES® has always insisted on the very highest quality, which has enabled it to become an undisputed reference in the paper world for amateur users as well as for the most demanding professionals.Read more

The company’s values

With such a rich and prestigious past in the service of such great names, ARCHES® has firmly rooted its know-how in solid human values, those of craftsmen, then industrialists.Read more

ARCHES®’s commitments

Making papers with the traditional qualities expected of them and specific to certain defined uses and being attentive to changes in artistic techniques are among the strengths to which the Vosges-based company with an international reputation is attached.Read more