Sandrine’s secret talents

Among the ARCHES® employees who make our fine art and printing papers, there are some who are also artists themselves! One of them is Sandrine Parisot, who works in the converting shops and whom we have interviewed.

Hello Sandrine, can you tell us what job you do at the Arches paper mill?
In May 2015, there was an opening at the Arches paper mill, which I joined as a paper finishing operator in the “Fine Art and printing papers” shop. This experience has really been an added bonus for me as I’ve been able to discover the remarkable quality of ARCHES® papers, which just make artists want to paint and paint.

Are you an artist yourself?
I’ve been painting since my early childhood. I started in lessons at school and then I went on to paint at the weekends as well. Later I persevered with a painter who initiated me into the art world, where I found I could roam the world through colours, thoughts, self-expression… I thrived as I let my paintbrush do the talking and I found myself taking part in numerous exhibitions of portraits and nudes, such as at Audun-le-Tiche, Vittel, Contrexéville, Plombières, Epinal…
I’m still a painter in my spare time. I mainly paint in the evenings and sometimes into the night, as well as at weekends and during my holidays.

What technique do you use? And which paper or papers do you use in the ARCHES® range?
I paint with oils on ARCHES® Oil paper, and I’m going to start trying my hand at watercolours.

Can you tell us about this picture painted on ARCHES® Oil 300 g/m²?
It all started when I saw our ARCHES® Oil paper. I hadn’t the slightest idea how I was going to organise my picture. So I started painting sort of postcards around a large square and then a black background. As the days went by, some new ideas came to me. I wanted to include a fake frame, and then one thing led to another: I fell under the spell of the “ARCHES® Watercolour blocks” workshop, so I decided that I wanted to feature in my painting all the work done by my colleagues and myself. Since I’m happy and fulfilled to be working in this department, I decided to place our manager, Philippe Villemin, on a background of an ARCHES® Watercolour block cover. That’s how the idea of putting a block colour around each card came to me.
In illustrating this work, I have depicted the journey of an artist on the road to the world of art.
To see some more of Sandrine Parisot’s works, go to: