by Sabine Sallier

Sabine Sallier, intimate and inspired

Creator of the Atelier Pas Sage workshop, Sabine Sallier is an artist who hails from the South of France.

She has had a rich and varied artistic career. From drawing to gouache, then oils and now ink, Sabine Sallier’s style has evolved along with her artistic research. The 2 years she spent in the Lebanon had a profound effect on her and led her to move from a figurative style to a more abstract style.

Since 2014, she has been using ink and oils, which she applies to ARCHES® Watercolour cold pressed paper to produce her works.

She draws her inspiration from arts as wide ranging as painting, literature, music and dance. She is a self-taught and socially engaged artist. Shitao’s treaty on painting has particularly influenced her.

When she paints, Sabine Sallier draws upon her own personal experiences. She relies on the spontaneous movements of the soul, of nature and the elements, the temporal and spiritual aspects of life, life’s daily joys and struggles.

She likes to share her vision of the world around her in her painting. Her motto is “Look beyond, look deeper, hope and contemplate the beauty there is in the world”. An intimate connection operates her and her creative works.

You can see some of those works in the Galerie d’Art ARCHES®, under “ink”.

For more information: www.atelierpassagelyon

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