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Noémie Sauve and the Tara Pacific Expedition

Noémie Sauve is a visual artist born in 1980 in the Drôme, France. She now lives in Paris and is a committed activist.

Ecological issues and the iconography of how we see the world are matters close to my heart. For several years I have been committed as an artist to defending and presenting a synthesis, in graphic form, of my encounters and discoveries and the questions that come up at exhibitions, fairs and residencies.

She has been selected by the prestigious jury of the TARA PACIFIC Foundation to complete a unique two-month residency with the Tara Expedition, a schooner that travels the world’s oceans with scientists on board studying the oceans and how to preserve them.

This project was developed with a view to an exhibition scheduled for the end of 2018, which will show her drawings done on Moulin du Gué® paper.

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The Tara Foundation

The Tara Expeditions Foundation aims, through its different missions, to raise society’s awareness of the most urgent ecological issues and the problems facing populations that depend on the good health of the ocean.
The artists-in-residence aboard the ship are a different way of raising the general public’s awareness of the marine environment, its fragility and the treasures it contains.

The members of the “Tara Pacific” jury were:

  • Agnès b. Chair of the jury and partner of the Foundation
  • Etienne Bourgois, President of the Tara Expeditions Foundation
  • Romain Troublé, Executive Director of the Tara Expeditions Foundation
  • Élodie Cazes, Coordinator of the Agnès b. art collection
  • Lauranne Germond, Co-founder of COAL
  • Hervé Chandes, CEO of the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art
  • Hugo Vitrani, Médiapart critic, curator at the Palais de Tokyo
  • Olivier Antoine, Founder of the Galerie Art Concept
  • Jennifer Flay, Artistic Director of FIAC

Here are some examples of Noémie Sauve’s work on ARCHES® papers: