Sailing in a sea of bulls, watercolour painting by Mauri Virtanen

Mauri Virtanen, sublime nature

Mauri VirtanenMauri Virtanen is a contemporary artist who was born in 1979 in Quito, Ecuador. Passionate about art from an early age, he chose to attend drawing, painting and ceramics workshops at the School of Art at the Central University of Ecuador in Quito when he was only 6 years old. Later, he would study architecture.

Mauri Virtanen’s paintings are very colourful and packed with detail. He mainly paints watercolours, but he also masters oils His paintings most often feature scenes from life and architecture. He particularly appreciates natural settings, depicting landscapes, horses or flowers. His creative ambition is to capture the moment and enable the viewer to experience a communion with the work of art so that it leaves a lasting impression on him or her.

He describes himself as a self-thought artist whose philosophy is to “Paint what we see”.

Recently, he took part in the international watercolour exhibition in Slovakia, THE WORLD OF WATERCOLOR. He will be exhibiting his work, in an individual show this time, in Quito in December 2018.