In September in Reims, all eyes will be focused on the East

The eleventh exhibit of the Aquarelle Reims Evénement (Watercolour Event in Reims) association will open on Friday, 9 September 2016 at 1 pm at the Reims Conservatory.
Entitled “Regards vers l’Est”, it will welcome 3 Russian artists, Sergei Kurbatov, the guest of honour, Masha Kurbatova, Ilya Ibraev and 2 Moldovan artists, Eugen Chisnicean and Igor Mozyichuk. Each will be presenting close to 20 works.

There are 2 public watercolour demonstrations by Sergei Kurbatov and Ilya Ibraev scheduled to take place in the main auditorium of the conservatory. The 2 watercolours will be offered to the public, following a public drawing.

The demonstrations will be followed by a guided tour of the exhibit by Roland Palmaerts.

Reservations and information available on this site:

Aquarelle Reims événement 2016