“Gravures masquées” exhibition

The exhibition took place in December last at Ateliers Moret (Paris 5th) as well as the presentation of the book of mask-themed gravure prints made on 250 g/m² Velin BFK Rives® paper.

The project was initiated by Matthieu Perramant, engraver and intaglio printmaker and graduate of the Ecole Estienne. He was a student of master of silk-screen art printmaking, Eric Seydoux, and trained in different workshops in France and in Quebec.

The 7 illustrators he chose to work on the project (Anouck Boisrobert, Maxime Garcia, Laurence Le Chau, Delphine Nagatsuka, Iris de Vericourt, Louis Rigaud and Lisa Zordan) are not artists for whom gravure printing is the main mode of expression. This was a deliberate choice on the part of Matthieu Perramant, who was looking to create children’s illustrations with a different and innovative aesthetic, focused on reflections around superposition and transformation.

This is how the project was implemented

First of all, the artists had to draw a portrait of a figure, from the shoulders up, with a landscape in the background to give the scene some atmosphere.
Then, using the same drawing format, they had to draw a mask related to the face, working on the notion of transparency and superposing the two drawings to create an original third image.
These drawings were then engraved on copper plates: one depicting a face with a landscape in the background and another depicting a mask.
The plates were printed one after the other and the mask was superposed on the face.
They were issued separately in print format then brought together in a book bound using the Japanese bookbinding method.

The second step in the project then involved mixing the masks and faces of each artist. The most interesting combinations were used to enrich the exhibition.

Arches - Antalis logo
ARCHES®, through its distributor Antalis, is a partner of this special edition.

The Le Moulin des Tournelles project, of which “Gravures masquées” is the first title in the children’s book collection, is intended to introduce children to intaglio or relief printmaking. The aim is to arouse their interest in the aesthetics of art works printed on paper and enable children and parents to share an artistic experience around an illustrated book made by craft methods.

Here are two videos showing the engraving and printing of an intaglio print

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