Lars Nørgård - The French Clot-nection

The largest colour lithography in the world!

From 17 October to 10 November 2017, an exhibition devoted to the works of the Danish artist Lars Nørgård will include the largest colour lithography in the world in the Atelier Clot, Bramsen & Georges located in the fourth district of Paris.

The 194 cm x 264 cm work, named the “the French Clot-nection”, is made on Velin BFK Rives® paper, requiring 12 lithographic stones that had to be brought together specifically for the project.
Those stones have a long history, as they were used by artists such as Degas, Cézanne, Renoir, Sisley, Redon, Bonnard, Vuillard, Signac, Munch, Rodin, Jorn, Alechinsky and many others since the founding of Atelier Clot in 1896.

All the stones were printed individually on the old press. The sheets were then mounted on a large canvas by Parisian specialists and placed on a frame.

Lars NørgårdLars Nørgård, born on 25 October 1956 in Alborg, is a Danish painter, sculptor and graphics artist.
He studied at the Copenhagen School of Design from 1975 to 1978 and at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco from 1980 to 1981. In the 1980s, Lars Nørgård was part of the Workshop Worst group of artists, along with Erik A. Frandsen and Christian Lemmerz among others.
His figurative and narrative paintings are often critical. He does simplified line drawings for surrealistic animations. He began working in a more exploratory direction to recover energy, and has created a kaleidoscopic painting style, with geometric and diagonal shapes that are secured together in a dense space.
Lars Nørgård is represented in many Danish art museums. He has also worked on paintings for the decoration of Copenhagen Opera House.