Patrice Baffou

Nature, with its fauna and flora and colours feature extensively in Patrice Baffou’s work. Sometimes in a surprisingly realistic style, nature depicted methodically in the style of the explorer-naturalist, at other times with a livelier touch, with subtly muted colours and always the same expression of vitality invading the space.

As an observer of the present time, Patrice Baffou captures movements, atmospheres, the harmony of bodies, expressions on faces, looks… These are snapshots of moments that he recreates in emotionally charged pictorial symphonies in his inimitable style.

Here he presents a few of his works on ARCHES® Watercolour 300 gsm cold pressed paper. A collection featuring his favourite themes, but covering a diverse range of techniques: acrylics, oils, watercolours, coloured pencils, pen and ink, wash, pastels…

Acrylique et… Huile sur Arches grains fins 300 grm2. Format 41 x 28 cm…

… Avec collage.

Croquis de voyage… Londres… sur Arches, satiné, velin, grains fin.


Patrice Baffou was born in Angers on 24 February 1955, 6 years after the Ecole Brassart in Tours, one of the first French schools of graphic design to specialise in art for advertising – a discipline full of promise for the future…

He entered this prestigious school in 1972. He had made up his mind, his passion would be his career. A professional painter and illustrator since 1977, his first work was for record labels RCA and Phonogram. He made a name for himself in numerous areas of publishing in France and in Europe (Hatier, Casterman, Hachette…), also working in a very varied range of commercial sectors of industry and the services.

He regularly takes part in exhibitions and shows all over France and in Belgium. His great mastery of the different techniques, a combination of his solid training in graphic design and a long and rich experience, naturally led him to teaching. Patrice Baffou has gone back to his roots and decided to pass on his skills. A passionate teacher, he has also decided to make his preferred techniques more accessible to wider public by producing a series of manuals. A collection well worth discovering for both beginners and those wishing to perfect their technique.