“Ode 3” by Fernando Apodaca. Hand-carved from watercolor blocks

Fernando Apodaca

Fernando Apodaca is a world-renowned artist, director and composer. His artistic and film-making style merges unique processes (3D stereoscopy, light projection, performance and puppeteering) with visual surrealism and sculpture. He explores the relationships he observes in world cultures and examines themes such as reproduction, growth, entropy and obsolescence.

To produce his “Ode 3” paper sculpture, Fernando Apodaca hand carved a block of ARCHES® Watercolour Rough 300 gsm paper with a knife and then plaited the paper into forms inspired by his stay in Africa. The geometric forms are interwoven in an abstract monochrome landscape representing the fierce winds that blow over the surface of Lake Turkana in Kenya. The work, which measures just 18 x 26 cm, took several months to complete.

Fernando Apodaca has also created for his company Modra Studio, a textile design and a scarf called “Turkana” based on his sculpture in ARCHES® paper.

Process “Ode 3”
© Fernando Apodaca


Fernando Apodaca

At the age of 4, Fernanda Apodaca began to study the violin and drawing, encouraged by his parents, who were creators of educational games and materials. His father had a gift for oil painting and drawing cartoons, and his mother was a pianist who enjoyed making puppets. In 1989, they were both killed in a plane crash in Honduras. Fernando was 15 when he moved in with his oldest sister Margaret. During this period, he began to produce diaries and sketchbooks. He drew inspiration from folk, primitive, and indigenous art, and from memories of his childhood. He graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from Pepperdine University, studied printmaking and live figure painting at the Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy, and attended the Southern California Institute of Architecture.

Invited to work in Kenya by wildlife photographer David Gulden, the artist created a series of artworks and an art film for an exhibition at Phillips in New York. Fernando worked as an artist in residence at renowned wildlife photographer Peter Beard’s hog ranch, in Nairobi, and at the remote prehistoric graveyard of Lake Turkana. The sculptures were constructed from a diverse range of materials in bronze, glass, paper, charcoal, leather and hair. His art film “Majini” won the award for “Best Experimental” film at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival in 2005. He directed music videos and created artworks for Pearl Jam’s “Life Wasted” in 2006, “Life Wasted” earned a nomination for “Best Special Effects” at the MTV Video Music Awards. He was also awarded “Best Music Video Director” at the San Diego Film Festival 2006. Pearl Jam included his drawings and sculptures in the album packaging.

He is co-founder and art director of the textile and fashion companies MODRA Studio and MODRA Style. British Vogue and Vogue Taiwan recently featured textiles derived from his artwork.
Fernando’s clients include: Beats by Dr.Dre, Apple Inc., Panasonic, Adobe, Intel, Sonos, DTS, Altec, Patagonia, Graphic Films and many others.

He has directed and produced projects in Africa, Latin America, the United States, Russia, Asia, Western and Eastern “Europe”