Alexander “Sasha” Spivak: Romantic Surrealism

Alexander “Sasha” is an American artist. He produces works using different techniques: watercolour, drawing, monotype.

He showed an early talent for fine art and started to develop his style when at Lviv College of Fine Arts. His works are inspired by Surrealism. They represent his vision of the world of poetic symbolism and seeks to sidestep visual art’s greatest handicap: it cannot shape a narrative that unfolds in time. In confronting this challenge, he has developed a method of formal transformation of objects that consists of inserting a series of dynamic meanings into the narrative he has created.

In the artist’s own words:

In each of my works, I seek perfection of composition by attending to the finest details — and yet always leave room for something else, something unexpected, to emerge within the structure I’ve created.

Alexander Spivak’s paintings are in private collections among masterpieces of such prominent artists as Wasily Kandinsky, Kazimir Malevich, Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali, Katsushika Hokusai or Utagava Hiroshige.

For all his works, whether watercolours or mixed media, he exclusively uses ARCHES® Watercolour paper.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Alexander “Sasha” Spivak creates one of his works:

For more information on the artist:

Monotype is a printmaking process without etching that produces a single print. It consists of painting with typographic ink or oil paint or gouache on a smooth, non-absorbent medium such as glass, metal or perspex. The painting is then pressed with a sheet of paper which receives the print. Only one single print is possible.