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The Little Prince in braille

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the first edition of The Little Prince, the Fondation Saint-Exupéry has launched a project to create embossed versions of a selection of 23 illustrations by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Read more
Joël Cunin portrait

Joël Cunin, art and faith

Born in 1962, Joël Cunin is a French painter who comes from the Upper Vosges. A choirboy in his youth, he abandoned his faith when he arrived in Paris in 1982. At the age of 25, he decided to move to Lille to learn drawing and discover the world of the comic strip...Read more
Sailing in a sea of bulls, watercolour painting by Mauri Virtanen

Mauri Virtanen, sublime nature

Mauri Virtanen is a contemporary artist who was born in 1979 in Quito, Ecuador. Passionate about art from an early age, he chose to attend drawing, painting and ceramics workshops at the School of Art at the Central University of Ecuador in Quito...Read more
Noémie Sauve portrait

Noémie Sauve and the Tara Pacific Expedition

Noémie Sauve is a visual artist born in 1980 in the Drôme, France. She now lives in Paris and is a committed activist. She has been selected by the prestigious jury of the Tara Pacific Foundation to complete a unique two-month residency with the Tara Expedition, a schooner that travels the world's oceans with scientists on board studying the oceans and how to preserve them...Read more
La salle des pendus de Pierre Chaillet

Pierre Chaillet, “Making of” the PANORAMA ZERO exhibition

The Opening association, which works to foster the emergence and professionalisation of artists, was given carte blanche by the Château de Servières association to support the participation of a young artist, Pierre Chaillet, in the Panorama zéro exhibition...Read more
Sir J. Fraser Stoddart Nobel diploma

A diploma for a Nobel Prize

Richard Vakil is an artist from Lysekil in Sweden. He is a self-taught artist who acquired a taste for watercolour thanks after taking lessons at the Ljungskile Folkhøjskola. Watercolour painting is his preferred technique, but he also uses acrylics...Read more

Luca Brandi, a great minimalist artist!

Luca Brandi is an Italian artist born in 1961 in Florence, where he still lives. He started to take an interest in painting as early as the age of 9, when he began helping his teacher to paint icons in a number of churches in Florence...Read more
Thierry Duval

Thierry Duval

Thierry Duval has been drawing and painting since childhood. He produced his first work in 1980 in a narrative form, the comic strip, and would later work as an illustrator...Read more

Patrice Baffou

Nature, with its fauna and flora and colours feature extensively in Patrice Baffou's work. Sometimes in a surprisingly realistic style, nature depicted methodically in the style of the explorer-naturalist...Read more

Sandrine’s secret talents

Among the ARCHES® employees who make our fine art and printing papers, there are some who are also artists themselves! One of them is Sandrine Parisot, who works in the converting shops and whom we have interviewed.Read more