New ARCHES® Platine


ARCHES®, which is constantly innovating, has developed a new formula for the ARCHES® Platine paper. It is designed to be used for platinum, palladium, cyanotype and all the alternative photographic printmaking processes.

These alternative processes are intended to make prints to the highest archival standards. Therefore the choice of paper for hand coating is critical.

ARCHES® offers photographers an optimum quality paper that compliments their work and assures longevity.

ARCHES® Platine’s new formula:

  • still with no alkaline content (no calcium carbonate buffering is  used as it is incompatible with alternative photographic processes)
  • pH neutral to slightly acid
  • OBA-free
  • with a smooth surface
  • and an even whiter colour (no optical brighteners)

that perfectly renders the contrasts and details in photographic images. The higher D-MAX results in deeper blacks.

The paper is ideally sized to allow perfect coating. The absorption of the photosensitive solution, containing the platinum and palladium salts, should not require any additives.

NEW GRAMMAGE! Already available in 310 gsm, ARCHES® Platine is now also available in 145 gsm, a grammage particularly suited to book production and smaller print sizes.

310 gsm30 in x 44 in
22 in x 30 in
New145 gsm22 in x 30 in

These references are easily identifiable with your distributor thanks to the new labels below.

Platine 145 gsm
Platine 310 gsm


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