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The fifth forum for artistic trades

Forum for artistic trades and transfer of knowledge

On 29 March 2017, the Rotary Club of Epinal will organise the fifth forum for artistic trades and the transfer of knowledge in Thaon-les-Vosges. 50 exhibitors, professionals and students are expected to put their talents on display, show their know-how and share it with the public: textile and felt fashion…Read more

“Gravures masquées” exhibition

The exhibition took place in December last at Ateliers Moret (Paris 5th) as well as the presentation of the book of mask-themed gravure prints made on 250 g/m² Velin BFK Rives® paper.Read more

Mon voyage vers le rêve

This is the title of the first book by José Gietka, the Belgian watercolourist we devoted a news item to in April 2016.Read more
Autumn detail

Xavier Casalta, stippler and stickler

Xavier Casalta is a young artist living near Sisteron in the South of France. He produces precise, delicate typographic works with extremely elaborate shading and contrasting effects. He uses the stippling technique, working with ink and 0.10 mm nibs, applying the dots after producing several preparatory sketches…Read more
Michel Besnard woodblock printing from the book 'Verdun 1916: Vues d'époque et d'aujourd'hui'

Verdun 1916: Vues d’époque et d’aujourd’hui

This is the title (Views of the period and of today) of a new work produced for bilbiophiles by the "A l'art" publishing house on white Velin BFK Rives® paper, 250 g/m², in a limited edition of 200 numbered and signed copies.Read more

Estampes, prints… Follow the guide!

If you would like to know exactly what constitutes a print – estampe in French – or you wish to find out more about lithographs, the gravure process and other printed art forms...Read more
Lorenz Boegli

Portrait of a “printer beyond compare”

Lorenz, you are a “creator and silkscreen printer”, I believe? Could you describe what you do? Yes, I define myself as a creator and silkscreen printer. I am continually developing a range of original and varied effects with new techniques, such as printing an image in half-tones,…Read more
Aanwinsten - Craigie Horsfield

Exhibition “Craigie Horsfield”

Craigie Horsfield exhibits from 30 October to 5 February 2017 in Centraal Museum, in Utrecht (The Netherlands). The exhibition entitled “How the World occurs” will then travel to MASI Lugano in Switzerland (11 March – 2 July 2017).Read more